Monday, May 4, 2009

Open for Business!

Saturday had all the makings of a wonderful day... food, fun and fellowship! Lot's of family and friends stopped by to give their support and encouragement. We want to thank everyone of you who took the time to come!

Let me introduce you to some of my friends who are also my family.

Pam and I have been friends for probably 20 years. I used to buy dollhouse miniatures from her dad when we were open back in '85-'95 and he introduced Pam and I. We've been friends ever since. Pam will be managing the store for me and keeping the miniatures well stocked for you.

Suzanne and I met at a miniature show back in the 80's. She came to work with me at the shop shortly after that. After The Homeplace closed it's doors in the 90's, Suzanne went to work with Pam's family choosing wallpaper, paint colors and such. She's back with us at The Homeplace now and is our doll and miniature artisan. Besides being a gifted artist, she is a dear friend.

Hannah (13) is my daughter and is a fine miniaturist in her own right. Some of her works are currently on display. She has won ribbons through 4H and the Indianapolis Miniature Show for her creations. She was involved with the Junior Miniaturist Club at Jeepers Miniatures in Nashville. We hope to be get a group started this summer for our young artisans at The Homeplace with her assistance.

Sarah (17), my other daughter is not in the photo from Saturday because she was riding one of our horses in our local Spring Blossom Parade in Nashville. Her first love are her horses so you may not see her as much as her sister.

I'm Donna and one of the original owners of The Homeplace and an avid miniaturist. About 5 years ago we moved from the west side of Indianapolis to Brown County and are now living our dream of a log cabin, horses, dogs, cats and kiddos. If you came to the shop in the early days, you will remember my grandparents, Tom and Ruby, or Pop and Gran to me who supplied the furniture and antiques. They are both gone now and missed greatly. They both loved the shop very much and all of the friends they made there. My mother Judy bought all the wonderful giftware we had in the shop. She is no longer able to work, but still talks about our family business. Somehow I just couldn't sell the shop. So here I am, the only kid and grandkid, reopening the shop after it's been closed for some 13 years. We're opening a few days a week, and sharing the family business with the next generation and our adopted family. Times have changed, our family has changed and so has our shop, but it will always be about family and good times together.

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  1. Sorry I missed it! It is all so exciting and wonderful!

    I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers...