Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our First Month

We want to thank you all for helping us to have a very encouraging first month. Lots of friends and family have visited and we've made many new friends.

We want to thank Suzanne's granddaughter Aya for creating this beautiful website for us. You can see her own website at There is a link to the left. Besides being a very talented artist, she does graphic design, website design, photography, and collects vintage clothes. She has some delightful YouTube videos on vintage hair style how-to's. She is a very creative young lady and a joy to work with. So if you need any web design work, she's your gal!

Besides Aya's fabulous website, our only other advertising was a very tacky sign written in glass paint by yours truly. I never claimed to be a sign painter, lol. Since you didn't even know about our website at the time and I can't believe your really liked my sign, so my conclusion is that good old 'word of mouth' has been our saving grace. We appreciate you supporting the reopening of The Homeplace and all the years that you supported us in the past.

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